Champion performance!

The new wood shaving bedding, absorbent, comfortable and draining, promotes better results.

Fresh air for your animals!

Using chips and wood sawdust your animals can live cleaner and with less odor.

Trucioli & derivati

Over 40 years of experience in the field!

The Zanda family has a multi-generational experience in the agricultural field. Their experience in coltivations and consequent animal husbandry, as horses, cattle and poultry, allowed them to accumulate a priceless experience about the biological, physiological and logistic needs of those animals.

Wood Shaving and wood sawdust

Completely natural wood product

The Trucioli & derivati processing plant, which includes modern equipment assembled upon specific request, can provide a large amount of high quality product, including special bedding on request.

Natural bedding

Wood sawdust? It’s a fantastic bedding!

The wood sawdust are having great success as equestrian bedding, supplanting the straw. The degree of comfort, cleanliness, softness, wear resistance and drainage provided by wood shaving far exceeds that of the straw. For important occasions a white bedding ennobles the box with its brightness and softness.

Beddings for breedings

Choose the right bedding for Equestrian, cattle, pig, poultry, rabbit


Different packing methods: Bag, pack, eur pallet

We deliver strictly observing the terms of delivery.


Size: 15x40x60cm
Volume: 180 l


Size: 42x40x60cm
Volume: 500 l
Weight: 18 - 20 kg

EUR pallet

EUR pallet: 80x120cm
Pack: 27
Bags: 85

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