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Wood flour micro calibrated

The company Trucioli & derivati is specialized for decades in the production and preparation of wood flour for industrial use.

The wood flour is a fine powder obtained by grinding the sawdust with the appropriate equipment.

The flour can come from trees of fir and beech. Carefully dedusted, the flours are used individually, or mixed, in various sectors of industrial production.

The wood flour finds its use in the cleaning of fur, during the preparation of precision mechanical components and industrial filtration systems, as well as production of hand washing paste, rubber compounds, welding products and varied range of bricks.

The vegetable fibers have specific properties comparable, or superior, to those of glass.

These short fibers allow the use of high-throughput technologies and for this reason they are so widely used in industrial processes.

The microcalibrate flour is obtained by drying and then grinding the fir and beech wood. Then it is subdivided into size classes, depending on the diameter of the particles, according to the use that will be made.

We are able to provide our customers with a steady supply of flour with the required technical specifications.
We are also available to work with your engineers to produce wood flour with specific features for your needs.

We guarantee that our wood flours are made up of a single quality of wood and that have the required particle size for the specific industrial use.

Safety and certification

All the Trucioli & Derivati products undergo specific chemical and bacteriological analysis, ensuring the highest quality from the outset

Copies of analysis are provided on request

Different packing methods: Bag, pack, eur pallet

We deliver strictly observing the terms of delivery.

Trasporto Sacco - Trucioli & derivati

Size: 15x40x60cm
Volume: 180 l

Trasporto Pack - Trucioli & derivati

Size: 42x40x60cm
Volume: 500 l
Weight: 18 - 20 kg

Trasporto Pallet - Trucioli & derivati
EUR pallet

EUR pallet: 80x120cm
Pack: 27
Bags: 85

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