Helps animals stay cleaner!

Bedding for cattle

Provide a dry, convenient and hygienic bedding to your livestock is essential to keep it in good health. More clean and healthy will be your livestock, better will be your products.



Wood sawdust

Dedusted wood sawdust of fir and beech, designed specifically for cattleā€™s bedding.



Staw pellets

Pellets composed exclusively of cereal straw. The pelletization is mechanically performed without adding adhesives or other chemical additives. The result is a comfortable bedding which has a large absorption capacity. After using is disposed of as a good fertilizer.


Different packing methods: Bag, pack, eur pallet

We deliver strictly observing the terms of delivery.

Trasporto Sacco - Trucioli & derivati

Size: 15x40x60cm
Volume: 180 l

Trasporto Pack - Trucioli & derivati

Size: 42x40x60cm
Volume: 500 l
Weight: 18 - 20 kg

Trasporto Pallet - Trucioli & derivati
EUR pallet

EUR pallet: 80x120cm
Pack: 27
Bags: 85

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